Wish to Inspire People? Don’t Confuse it With Advice!

Lately I was sitting over a drink with a good friend when he suddenly dropped a sentence that stuck in my head ever since: “We all want to make an impact in life”.

Although this is not really a new, never heard of idea, it somehow brought up the question: “how do you make an impact? How can you inspire people or be a role model in a certain field?” When we look at some of the most successful, brilliant, extraordinary people in our history, we can see that it’s not about what these people say…it’s what they do in the first place. Some might think of the famous speech “I have a dream” by Martin Luther King. But this speech was only held after his remarkable movement in order to achieve the dream he was talking about. Inspirational speeches can be very powerful to motivate people, but it’s the actions people take that really inspire us. It gives us the powerful feeling that we can do that, too, no matter how tough the task may be.

Giving advice is one of people’s most favorite hobbies but unfortunately most people don’t realize that giving advice is almost never helpful if they aim to be a role model-it’s the actions they take that really fulfills their wish to be a leader, an inspirational person. This is equally true for parents who wish to be good role models for their kids as well as for leaders and managers in a company or for people who wish to make a positive contribution to society.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”-Mahatma Gandhi

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