Monsieur Periné – colombian Jazz + lust for life

Last night I got a chance to listen, dance and sing to one of the best live performers I can imagine-Monsier Periné.

Monsier Periné

The talented group of one charming lead singer, Catalina Garcia who sings in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and English and 3 guys who seem to be able to play every musical instrument imaginable + one of them having the voice of Luis Armstrong just blew me off my feed last night at the Horizonte Festival in Koblenz/Germany which is located in a huge castle. After one and a half hours of dancing, swinging and swaying I knew this is the sound of joie de vivre, as the french would say.

Monsieur Perine’s unique blend of sounds and emotions has earned itself its own genre called “Suin a la Colombiana,” which is a cultural, artistic, and rhythmic fusion of traditional Latin American music, Jazz, and a French adaptation of American swing music.


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