The Quarter-Life Breakthrough

It always gives me a motivational lift when I hear about curagious people who finally take the chance to break out of their conventional, unsatisfying life in order to take a huge step towards the life they dream of.


The inspirational person I stumbled upon today is Smiley Poswolsky:

“Hi, I’m Smiley. I’m a writer and a lover of life. A year ago, the voice inside my head telling me to listen to my heart and take a leap, finally got loud enough that I couldn’t ignore it. So I quit my comfortable, government job in D.C. and moved to San Francisco with nothing but two suitcases, my newfound optimism, and a lot of energy. This book is about that journey. 

I’m sharing my story about coming alive and learning how to make a lasting impact in others’ lives at the age of 30—for you, because no one can have a quarter-life breakthrough alone. By contributing to this project, you’ll not only get a beautiful book that will help you figure out your next steps, but most importantly: you’ll become part of a community of like-minded people that will help support you in achieving your own breakthroughs.”

The book he is currently writing: “The Quarter-Life Breakthrough” is the story of his journey so far and I have no doubt that it will be a great source of inspiration and a reliable companion for other people who want to take this life travel as well.

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