Happyness Project-Resilience (part 1)

A week ago I started the happyness project as a personal experiment to see what things really make an impact on our happyness. The inspiration for this project was this list I found on www.actionforhappiness.org.

If it’s true that about 40% of our happyness depends on our actions, then the resluts should be appreciable.

Although I had many of these things in my mind even before I stumbled upon this list, I was astonished how condensed & straight to the point the potential “rules for happyness” were presented. Is it really possible to break down the question “What makes us happy” in such an easy and all-encompassing way? And moreover, are they universal-can they apply to all people? Whereas I can only assume, wether or not the rules are universal, I am keen to find out whether they increase my feeling of happyness.

The 10 things that are on the list are:

GIVING-Do things for others
RELATING-Connect with people
EXERCISING-Take care of your body
APPRECIATING-Notice the world around
TRYING OUT-Keep learning new things
DIRECTION-Have goals to look forward to
RESILIENCE-Find ways to bounce back
MOTION-Take a positive approach
ACCEPTANCE-Be comfortable with who you are
MEANING-Be part of something bigger
I believe the effect you will see will depend on how many of the things you already practice everyday and in which intensity. The point I want to improve is Resilience, so here are the two things I learned during the last week:
1) Have a list of things ready that you are proud of. When you hit a low point, you can refer to the things that boost your confidence and give you strength. It can be your relationships, your character traits, your achievments in sport, work etc.
Tidbytes.com is a great tool for organizing and remembering the things that keep you grounded.
2) Create another list for all the things that you are looking forward to. Meeting friends, special events, vacations etc. Once a week, I meditate especially for this only purpose-to think of all the things I’m looking forward to during the next week and create anticipation. After these 5-10 minutes I feel very relaxed, energized and…happy!

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