Laws of Velocity

Sometimes, you find inspiration by accident. And sometimes, you are just reminded of the inspiration you already gathered in the past but in a different package.

This is what I found on a book paperback in a small independent shop in London:


The book was a conglomeration of many different citations and bits of ideas.

When I googled “Velocity is about optimism”, I found that this small citation was a part of a whole theory called Velocity Laws.

The Seven Laws | Velocity Laws 2013-09-14 20-58-27

The authors are:

Stefan Olander, VP of Digital Sport from Nike, and Ajaz Ahmed chairman of the world’s largest digital agency, have put what they’ve learned on their journey in Velocity to pass to anybody not satisfied with the same old routine.

This theory is designed for entrepreneurs to assess their company and its potential but also for the individual to curve out their own strategy to personal success. What caught my eye is the nice metaphor. I belive it’s worth a look to remember the basic principle of proactivity or as the finance students would say “there is no such thing as a free lunch”…

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